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You are a gem. Much of the learning for those participating had to do with watching you as a facilitator.

Medical Center Leader

Sandra is very personable and she integrates her own experiences so well - I never felt like I was being "coached" but realized when the session were over that I had gained so much.

Health system director

Leadership Development Coaching Services

Sandra works with CEO's, CIO's, COO's, Vice Presidents, entrepreneurs and other leaders in health and human services, as well as with entrepreneurs and others in non-health care corporate settings.
Clients can expect a package that includes an in-depth conversation about goals and areas for development, an assessment using well-validated instruments, and a series of meetings to work on the client's goals.
Why coaching?

  • You are working on a specific goal - taking on a major assignment, working on aspects of leadership style, changing roles or adjusting to a new role.
  • You will benefit from an outside "thought partner" - drawing on the insights of an intuitive strategist who listens carefully and offers good counsel based on experience with a broad spectrum of leaders.
Most clients' organizations invest in leadership development on behalf of their executives.  The conversations between the executive and the advisor/coach remain completely confidential.

Photography by Trent Boeschen

Sandra Boeschen
Boeschen & Associates
25 Valley View Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901